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May 5, 2005: AdvanceWare Solutions launches AdvancePro version 5.0

AdvanceWare releases AdvancePro 5.0, an Affordable Inventory and Order Management Solution specifically designed for SMEs
New, upgraded version breaks the $1,000 price barrier for a full-function, stand-alone Inventory and Order Management Solution

New York, USA, May 5, 2005 – Today, AdvanceWare Solutions Inc. announced the release of three new versions of its popular line of Inventory and Order Management Solutions designed for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

AdvancePro 5.0 is an affordable software solution specifically designed for wholesalers, distributors, importers/exporters and online retailers. This revolutionary, new software solution has been designed to make managing small to medium sized inventory and order management operations easier and more efficient.

Best of all, AdvancePro 5.0 is a solution priced within the reach of virtually any size of operation. Small users can now buy a full function Inventory and Order Management Solution for less than $1,000 -- with the comfort of knowing they can expand their system’s capabilities as required.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of growing businesses AdvancePro 5.0 features an easy- to-use user-interface, coupled with robust inventory and order management capabilities. A stand-alone system, AdvancePro 5.0 comes with all the advanced features users require to keep orders and inventory organized, while facilitating smooth transactions and communications between employees, suppliers and customers.

Using AdvancePro 5.0’s modular design users can build an order and inventory management system that suits their exact business needs today, while leaving room for future expandability down the road.

"Like Apple, we wanted to develop a system where our customers would make use of 100% of our product’s features. All of the features in AdvancePro are brought together by optimized business logic in an extremely user-friendly graphic interface," explains Gary Durbach, President of AdvanceWare Solutions® Inc. “When you compare AdvancePro 5.0 head-to-head with other leading Order and Inventory Management Solutions -- designed specifically for SMEs -- you’ll see that AdvancePro 5.0 offers more of the advanced features users really want, and need, to run their day-to-day operations," Durbach added.

Three Versions of AdvancePro 5.0

Along with the core AdvancePro 5.0 Inventory and Order Management product, which can be custom tailored to a user’s requirements, AdvanceWare announced two industry-specific versions of their new software.

AdvancePro Apparel

AdvancePro Apparel is AdvanceWare’s new, easy-to-use Order and Inventory Management Solution custom-tailored to the exacting requirements of the apparel industry. AdvancePro Apparel incorporates all the advanced features of AdvancePro 5.0, plus added tools designed to help apparel inventory and distribution businesses run more efficiently.

Using AdvancePro Apparel’s proprietary Advanced Product Matrix feature users will be able to quickly and easily create and track unlimited variations for all their apparel products. Each variant can even have its own stock, cost price, selling price and weight. AdvancePro Apparel will even create SKU#s for product variations automatically.

AdvancePro AccuWeight

AdvancePro AccuWeight, another new product from AdvanceWare, is designed to simplify the complex task of dealing with partial weight measurement orders and inventory such as food and beverages. AdvancePro AccuWeight comes with all of the advanced features offered in AdvancePro 5.0, plus CatchWeights an all-new module designed to meet the specific needs of companies that buy, inventory and sell products by variable weights

About AdvanceWare Solutions Inc.
AdvanceWare Solutions Inc. is comprised of Inventory/ Procurement, Warehouse/ Shipping, and IT professionals with many years of experience in their respective fields of expertise. AdvanceWare products are being used worldwide, in a multitude of applications, including clothing, medical supplies, food & beverage, eyewear, computer parts & equipment, hardware supplies and sporting goods distribution.

AdvancePro is a Microsoft® `Gold Certified` application. The product has been tested and approved by Microsoft as one of the few applications that is truly utilizing the many advantages of .NET technology.

AdvancePro 5.0 is a Premier software application rated `5 Stars` by the QuickBooks® Solutions Marketplace. AdvanceWare Solutions®, Inc has been part of the Intuit Developer Network since its inception and is an Intuit Premier Developer.

AdvanceWare has offices in Toronto, Canada, as well as New York and South Africa. For more information on AdvanceWare Solutions Inc. go to www.AdvanceWare.net.

For more Information:
Mr. Alan Meinstein
Vice President, Marketing
AdvanceWare Solutions Inc.
(416) 361-6036


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