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Read Case Study by Microsoft to increase efficiency using AdvancePro - .NET-Connected Partners

View this review on the Microsoft .NET website

"AdvancePro has been the key component in allowing our operational staff to reduce time spent on inventory tasks to such an extent that they now have additional time to spend on customer satisfaction and the development of new business."
Philippe Erramuzpe, President, Natural Cork

Natural Cork Chooses AdvancePro
Across the Board Improvements in Inventory Management and Vendor Communications Result in Savings and Sales for a National Flooring Company

Customer Situation
Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, Natural Cork is the leading supplier of cork flooring in North America. With 15 employees, vendors, and customers located throughout the United States and abroad, communication and inventory management systems can become critical liabilities if they don`t measure up.

When Natural Cork found itself with bottlenecks in communications and inadequate multiple-order and inventory systems, they turned to AdvanceWare to provide a sophisticated Web services solution.

.NET-connected Solution
AdvanceWare provided Natural Cork with a B2B Web services site that fully integrates with AdvancePro inventory and order management software.

AdvancePro is built on Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET,resides on Natural Cork`s local server, and connects to the AdvanceWare B2B site by means of Web services. By using AdvanceWare`s .NET-enabled B2B Web services site, Natural Cork can present customer-specific product and price lists for individual customers in a password-protected environment where customers can place orders and review their order history over the Internet. Natural Cork can download orders directly into AdvancePro and publish products, pricing, and information directly through AdvancePro onto the site.

By using tools that facilitate communication and easy viewing of their product line, while giving the staff the opportunity to control the order flow effectively and accurately, Natural Cork anticipates a 20 percent increase in revenue.

AdvancePro will also help reduce costs by more than 20 percent in data processing and cycle production, with an additional 35 percent reduction in the cost of producing monthly end-user invoices through improved output and overall efficiency.

Natural Cork has experienced a 50 percent decrease in the production time for cycle processing and delivery, resulting in increased cash flow and improved customer satisfaction.

These benefits, along with the ability to easily add users, warehouse locations, modules, and products; improved security; and quick time-to-market benefits, give Natural Cork a lustrous finish that is bound to last.

Partner Solution
AdvanceWare Solutions Inc. is the developer of AdvancePro, a Premier software application that has been rated "5 Stars" by the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace. AdvancePro was designed to meet the critical need for costeffective, easy-to-use inventory and order management. Currently, AdvancePro 2003 is being used by clothing, medical supplies, food and beverage, eyewear, computer parts and equipment, hardware supplies, and sporting goods distributors—to name a few of the industries in which the software has been implemented.

View this review on the Microsoft .NET website


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