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For Immediate Release : AdvancePro awarded .NET Gold certification

AdvancePro, AdvanceWare Solutions, Inc’s inventory & order management solution for small to medium businesses have released their EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) module, as well as being awarded with Microsoft’s .NET Gold Certification, the highest level for .NET connected applications.

AdvancePro, best known for its powerful inventory & order management software that synchronizes with QuickBooks accounting software, have introduced an EDI module that is allowing it’s customers to use their software while having the opportunity to connect to their trading partners through an integrated EDI module. This provides the best of both worlds at an affordable rate in the traditionally expensive domain of EDI compliance. No other application in the small to medium sized inventory & order management software space is offering this type of complete integration with many of the worlds leading merchants through a reliable EDI network.

“We have designed a module that will allow our users to simply import and export EDI information directly into AdvancePro and sufficiently meet the EDI demands of their trading partners in one software, eliminating the need for the small to medium sized business owner to spend countless dollars on separate EDI software” said Hayley Jossel, AdvanceWare Solutions, Inc’s President. The EDI module is exciting news for AdvancePro users as is the fact that AdvancePro utilizes Microsoft’s .NET technology throughout their application. After Microsoft and VeriSign tested and approved the programs architecture, it was determined that a Microsoft Gold Certification should be awarded to AdvancePro.

With a .NET based application you can integrate the data and preferences in a single application as AdvancePro does. Their customers take advantage of .NET by using two web services; B2B (Business 2 Business) and B2C (Business 2 Consumer) websites that synchronize with AdvancePro, allowing users to have a fully integrated website that works directly with their inventory and order management software. AdvancePro continues to synchronize with QuickBooks 2002 and above. The availability of the newly released QuickBooks 2004 is exciting news for users as it is the first time that data can be sent both ways-from AdvancePro to QuickBooks and back into AdvancePro.

AdvanceWare Solutions, Inc is a provider of software products to independent professionals and small to medium enterprises. Over the last 5 years they have been focusing their skills and energy on developing tools that streamline business processes for small to mid sized companies. AdvanceWare Solutions, Inc is located in Valley Stream, New York and is a privately held software development company.

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