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AdvancePro receives the highest rating out of 10 software packages reviewed...

AdvancePro has been given the highest overall rating against 10 of our
competitors by the highly respected independent `Most Popular Brands` review!

AdvancePro has been given the highest overall rating against 10 of our
competitors by the highly respected independent `Most Popular Brands` review!

After analyzing AdvancePro and comparing us against 10 similar software
in our category (Inventory & Order Management) the Most Popular
Brands panel has awarded AdvancePro it`s highest overall rating of 3 stars!
AdvancePro was the only software package to achieve this rating! When comparing
AdvancePro against our competitors, the review stated that "AdvanceWare Pro is a
powerful and scalable software solution to everything having to do with
inventory and order management. It`s modular design is helpful in organizing all
of the different aspects of order management. An excellent and affordable tool."

To learn more about how we stacked up to the competition read their review for yourself!

The Review:

AdvancePro 2003 by AdvanceWare Solutions Inc.

AdvanceWare Solutions has created a truly powerful software solution for order
and inventory management. AdvancePro’s modular design makes it an ideal
organizational tool and, being modular, it also provides redundancy. It is
designed to handle the needs of small to medium sized business`, allowing you to
purchase the program to handle anywhere from 1 to 10+ users, the price of the
program rising accordingly. All in all, the modular design and multiple
capabilities of this program make it the best choice for order and inventory

Some features of this program include: the ability to set roles and permissions
with password security, the automatic creation of purchase orders (when the
inventory level for a certain item reaches 0), currency conversion and the use
of multiple currencies, variance creation (the ability to create color, sizes,
and much more), accounting synchronization with QuickBooks, and the ability to
create customer product groups. We were also impressed with the integration of
modular features in this program. For example, when filling out a customer order
there is a column for quantity on hand, quantity to order, and the quantity to
fill so that you can create an order list at the same time that you generate a
pick list. Another nice addition are item kits which grants you the ability to
group products together and sell them in a package. AdvancePro has the
capability of generating sales reports, by customer or by product, and purchase

Smaller details were also kept in mind by the developers of this program. You
can keep tabs on products to return to vendors, customer returned item, and
items that have to be reordered. There is also accountability built into the
user interface, which, by the way, is fairly intuitive to any inventory
specialist. The use of roles and permissions allows specified users to use only
certain parts of the program and a reason needs to be specified when any manual
changes are made to your inventory status.

Another factor that has to be kept in mind when purchasing a software program of
this size is the availability and quality of technical support. Lets face it,
problems are inevitable when implementing a change to the infrastructure of
practically any system. AdvanceWare Solutions provides personalized online
support for each of its registered customers. Other technical support
information can be found at:

We could spend all day going over the extensive features available in
AdvancePro, but then this article would take a while to end. Don’t take it from
us, though. If you go to
, they have a demo that lets you see the capabilities of
the program for yourself. We recommend that you do. We give this program our
highest rating of 3 stars.

Most Popular
Brands Reviews- Order Inventory Software


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