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How AdvancePro was given life.....

Hi, my name is Gary Durbach and allow me to tell you the real story of how AdvancePro came about without all the technical jargon...

It all began with my first job at WorkGroup Distribution, a South African distributor of computer related goods, nine years ago. Two years later, I decided to take a lesson in school of life and set out on my travels. Finally landing in New York City I began working for the U.S. office of Software Connection, South Africa’s largest computer retailer. My job was to source and supply their stores throughout South Africa with the latest technology had to offer.

Being involved in technology, the necessary tools to create an efficient environment were at our disposal, but we didn’t use them. Many hours were spent on tedious paperwork, long phone calls to place simple orders, repetitive filing, verifying outstanding shipments, and the list goes on.

Having worked in all spheres of the customer-vendor relationship I knew what was lacking and the opportunities that existed for improvement. The question that plagued me daily was “what can I do to fix this?” The answer came with the explosion of the Internet. It was with this explosion that I realised how all my experience on both the client and distribution side of business coupled with my web experience was more than mere coincidence. AdvancePro was born!

Not only did AdvancePro help me by consolidating my vendors orders and alerting me to pending orders that were ready to be shipped (this helped when one order had multiple vendors), but my customers benefited. Now smaller companies that before were prevented from ordering due to low quantities had the leverage to place orders, which were consolidated, qualifying them to purchase wholesale.

AdvancePro did not just happen overnight. After leaving Software Connection to give lookNomore and AdvancePro my full attention, I assembled a team who shared my vision – AdvancePro is power. Among others, I work with my wife Hayley and my life-long friend Anthony, people I trust and believe in.

The Internet has matured and the advantages of doing business over the Web are clearly evident. AdvancePro is ready to assist you in realising the value that can be delivered through this medium. AdvancePro is not for everyone but it is expandable and customizable. In the spirit of collaboration we will endeavour to learn about your business to discover if AdvancePro is the right solution for you. If not we will thank you for your time and allow you to move on safe in the knowledge that your business has not been forced into a partial solution. Honesty and integrity, this is how we operate.

My team and I look forward to bringing you into a whole new world of possibilities.

Kind Regards
Gary Durbach


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