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How does AdvancePro keep data synchronized if a new Customer/Vendor or Product is added in QuickBooks?
After your initial import from QuickBooks into AdvancePro, all information related to Customers/Vendors and Products must be entered in to AdvancePro. This data will be synchronized from AdvancePro to QuickBooks utilizing our synch tool and will keep your QuickBooks file up to date at all times.

Can I import data from QuickBooks into AdvancePro?
Yes. You can perform an import of your Customers, Vendors, Products, Taxes, Carriers etc. into AdvancePro for easy initial set up from QuickBooks to AdvancePro.

Does AdvancePro automatically create Vendor orders?
Yes. AdvancePro automatically creates a Vendor order when a Customer order is placed and there is no stock on hand to fulfill the order. You then have the choice to Drop Ship the order directly from the Vendor to your Customer, or  to receive the order into your Warehouse location and update your inventory.

Can AdvancePro associate taxes to a certain Inventory Item rather than against an entire Sales Order?
Yes. You can choose to make a particular product 'Taxable' or not when you set up your products.

Can I create my own customized Unit of Measure when adding a new product?
AdvancePro allows you to create an unlimited number of UOM's (Unit of Measures) that can be applied to your products.

How does AdvancePro handle multiple tax levels for a given product?
AdvancePro allows you to create multiple Tax groups that will handle tax issues for example, GST & PST being applied to one order.

For customer specific pricing (Two Tier pricing), can you apply a markup instead of a percentage?
Yes you can!  There are actually 3 choices available to you, markup, percentage and actual price that you can apply to a particular product.

Is there a maximum number of Inventory Items AdvancePro can handle?
AdvancePro can handle an unlimited number of Inventory Items, the 1-user comes with 2000 Products; the 5-user with 3000 Products, the 10 user with 8000 and the enterprise version with an Unlimited number of Products.
All versions can be expanded to suit your specific needs as CD-Mod add-ons are available for purchase.

What database does AdvancePro use?
Our 1, 5 & 10 user versions of AdvancePro use an MSDE (Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine) database- an extremely powerful, robust solution.

AdvancePro Enterprise uses a SQL Server database- one of the premier databases available today.

AdvancePro sounds good, what's my next step?
Call, e-mail or write us today!  1800-970-9071
One of our consultants  will be happy to assess your business and provide you with a solution that suits your needs.


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